About me

Why coaching?

I have a great passion for growing businesses and also for people which is how I got into hospitality. While I was working as a manager I realized that what I loved most about the job was growing the business and seeing my staff grow.


At one point during my career, I took on this cute little girl who did not dare to talk to a single person and was as nervous as one can be. She became one of the happiest and most confident people I know and also contributed greatly towards the business. This was the moment I made up my mind.


I gave up my job in the UK moved back and decided to do just that for a living! so here I am ;) 


Dream activation, coaching, business support, start up

My Education/ degrees

  • Havo ( Higher General Secondary Education)  
  • International business 
  • Life coaching


  • Dutch
  • English 




Work experience

Dream activation, coaching, business support, start up

My work experience:

Because I have always loved challenging myself, I have had some very rewarding experiences and built up a great network.


Aside from obtaining degrees in international business and life-coaching, I have done work for the World Peace Foundation, creating a tool that would enable individual members of a society to contribute towards creating lasting peace in their community.


I have also carried out research for several start-ups, such as Coffeelicious, Attend, and Fez. Furthermore, I did research for Planet venues & Planet pursuits. Started up a restaurant called Fez and managed Star bar and the Sun Inn in the UK. 


Furthermore I used to give sales trainings while working for  DOOR training & coaching and developed a social media training. 


At last I am obsessed with the psychology it is a never ending challenge and helps you to do business. 

Ambition /vision

Dream activation, coaching, business support, start up


Create a better world by helping people to live their dreams.



To make all your dreams come true.



Honesty, Love, Responsibility, Passion, Creativity, Positivity.